Advances in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – Vol. 6

Advances in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – Vol. 6

Advances in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - Vol. 6GONZALEZ – ULLOA – MEYER – SMITH – ZAOLI

Publication date: 2001

Price: 250,00 €

ISBN: 978-88-299-1522-4

Book in english

Pages: 350

350 pages

After having been sold out all over the world, the 5 volumes of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery needed an uptodate complement.

It is my great privilege to present the contemporary addition in form of a 6th volume and we three remaining editors desire to do it in honour and memory of the great promotor of the whole work Mario GonzalezUlloa, who left us few years ago. He wrote in the preface of the first edition in 1987: Hopefully future years will see the publication of an even better book. ManÕs expectations are always for the future progress.

Actually, we can say it again. But again the new volume has all the qualities necessary to be an outstanding work for the new century in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

We have in the new tome the benefit of contributions by new authors, renowned authorities in specific topics of aesthetic surgery, who are Darina Krastinova Lolov, Rafael de la Plaza, Sam Hamra and Rolf Nordstr¿m, presenting their special experience in new concepts of our specialty.

On the other hand, the only two authors having participated in the previous 5 volumes, Ulrich Hinderer and myself, are represented with new chapters and new experiences which are not featured in the previous books.

Thus, the new volume providing surgical guidance based upon wide experiences is addressed particularly to the expert surgeon and also can be of great interest to the neophyte.

I express my gratitude to Giancarlo Zaoli who acted again as excellent intermediate between the authors and the publisher Piccin who already had the wide success with the monumental first publication.

Rodolphe Meyer