Atlas of Arterial Surgery

Atlas of Arterial Surgery – 2 volumes

Atlas of Arterial Surgery - 2 volumesForeword by Peter Gloviczki


Publication Date: November 2011

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Atlas of Arterial Surgery 1Atlas of Arterial Surgery

Atlas of Arterial Surgery Atlas of Arterial Surgery



It has been a little over 100 years, that Alexis Carrel fi rst introduced his revolutionary technique of surgical reconstruction of blood vessels. Since the 1950’s, vascular surgery has progressed by leaps and bounds and in the past two decades the endovascular revolution transformed the face of arterial surgery. This attractive Atlas, compiled by the talented and enthusiastic Italian surgeons Antonino Cavallaro and Antonio V. Sterpetti from the school of Professor Sergio Stipa, and by the anatomist Fabrizio Barberini, all from the “Sapienza” University of Roma, presents the full spectrum of arterial surgery as it is practiced today: from basic vascular surgery techniques and simple or complex open surgical reconstructions to endovascular and hybrid arterial and aortic procedures. The authors have been aided by expert contributions from an international group of 76 surgeons from nine countries of the world: this atlas under Italian leadership has become a successful multi-national venture of excellence in vascular surgery. The technical details of the interventions are beautifully illustrated in black and
white and in color by Bernard Luraschi, and the large number of intraoperative colored photographed images are masterfully enhanced by computer to provide fi ne technical details and the exact underlying surgical anatomy. These, together with a well written text, provide essential information on vascular
surgical procedures not only for vascular trainees but also for the young and the more experienced vascular surgeons. To quote Charles H. Mayo, a master surgeon of exceptional technical skills, this atlas is “not for those fi lled with principles, or the why, but for those still interested in technique,
or the how.” Surgical technique and skill are most important, but they are never enough. As Horsley once said “Th e career of a surgeon who merely is a cutter is of very doubtful benefi t to himself and the humanity”. However, precise surgical technique is a quintessential part of the success of an operation. Th is includes careful planning, thorough knowledge of anatomy, flawless execution of the procedure, utmost attention to details and keeping a masterful balance between taking risk and avoiding adventures. All these, only when coupled with a constant desire to help your patient and do no harm, will transform an operator to become a master surgeon. Th is is how the craft of surgery turns into art. Legendary surgeons like Charles H. Mayo, Michael de DeBakey, Stanley Crawford, Denton Cooley, Hans Martin Becker, Andre Th evenet, Pietro Valdoni or Oliver Beahrs, among others, were not renowned because of their unique technical skills, what they of course had, but mainly because of their overall conduct of the operations performed for the benefi t of their patients. Most textbooks will teach you about the science in vascular surgery: about investigation, evaluation, prevention and treatment of vascular diseases. Th e Atlas of Arterial Surgery by Doctors Cavallaro, Sterpetti and Barberini, will open you the way to be fully competent in the art of vascular surgery. Th is is a unique volume: it brings together the arts of printing, modern book making, superb medical illustrations and color photography with the multifaceted and exciting art of contemporary vascular and endovascular surgery. Enjoy reading and consult frequently this beautifully presented, instructive and artful contribution to vascular surgery.

Rochester, MN, May 2011

Peter Gloviczki, MD,
Joe M. and Ruth Roberts Professor of Surgery,
Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery,
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA