Textbook of dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases

Textbook of dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases

Textbook of dermatology and sexually transmitted diseasesGIANNETTI – DEL FORNO

Publication date: March 2013

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ISBN: 978-88-299-2313-7

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Book in english

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Italian dermatologists have provided a noticeable contribution to the birth and development of modern dermatology and venereology. Several dermatological
high level Italian textbooks were published during the 19th and 20th century. In the 1970s, Professor Ferdinando Serri had the idea of gathering into a vast Treatise on Dermatology for specialists, residents and students the whole of the scientifi c knowledge and clinical experience developed by the Italian dermatological community. Following the model of the dermatological textbooks in English, he invited numerous Italian dermatologists to contribute to the work, which represented a new experience for Italian dermatology; the Treatise was fi nally published in 1986. After 15 years, the substantial advance of the biological and clinical knowledge induced in 2001 Alberto Giannetti to propose a completely renewed edition of the Treatise, with the cooperation of a new generation of dermatologists and the contribution of some European and American colleagues. In 2007 Alberto Giannetti promoted an update of the previous edition. After a long revision, in 2011 the Treatise was published in Spanish, with the contribution of eminent colleagues from Central and South America.
The increasing presence of Italian dermatologists in scientifi c societies and international research groups, the numerous publications of Italian clinicians and researchers on international journals and the growing amount of articles in English written by colleagues from other countries on the “Giornale Italiano di Dermatologia e Venereologia”, the main Italian dermatological journal which is currently published in English, led to consider an English edition of the Treatise on Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, with a more signifi cant contribution of dermatologists from other countries. The rapid progress of the knowledge in biology and clinical dermatology, together with the development of the new technologies, promoted a physiological turnover, even generational, of Authors and Coauthors, with substantial revision of most chapters of the Treatise. The textbook includes 140 chapters; the fi rst 29 chapters are dedicated to the fundamentals of cutaneous biology e physiology, principles of genetics, carcinogenesis, molecular medicine, which are of interest even to researchers of other disciplines, to semeiology, histopathology, dermatological epidemiology and to dermatological diagnostic techniques; dermatological diseases and sexually transmitted diseases are treated from chapter 30 to chapter 133, while medical and surgical treatment, phototherapy, laser therapy and radiotherapy
are discussed from chapter 134 to chapter 139. More than 1760 clinical and histological images constitute an essential integration to the description of the
clinical manifestations and histopathological fi ndings of the nosological entities, but also to the treatment of basic sciences and diagnostic procedures.
The bibliography, as updated as possible, has been selected by the Authors. Sincere thanks go to all the Authors and Coauthors of the chapters of the Textbook for their dedication and helpfulness. Gratitude goes to the contributors of the previous Italian editions of the Treatise, whose work has often been the base for the writing of the chapters. Thanks go to Professor Bernard Keeling for the linguistic revision of some chapters, to Dr. Sara Bassoli, PhD in Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Dr. Alessandra Pagnoni, Consultant Dermatologist, and Dr. Marco Curci, Consultant Dermatologist, for the critical and linguistic
revision of numerous chapters of the textbook, and to residents in Dermatology of the Specialty School of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, particulary to Dr. Samer Al Jalbout, Chiara Ferrari and Stefania Borsari for the critical reading of some chapters and drafts. Special thanks go to the International Society of Dermatology for the decision to promote the distribution of the Textbook to the dermatological institutions of some countries and to Galderma International for financially supporting such a decision. Finally, thanks go to the production team of Piccin, particularly to Dr. Carla Criconia for the preparation of the volumes, the edition and reading of draft chapters.